Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pandaaram a.k.a Damn!

Pandaaram (Malayalam) is a genuinely funny curse word. It is supposed to be least inflicting to the listeners, even though it provides an apt venting mechanism for fury, frustration and anger in the form of a word.
Pandaaram in its simplest, or standalone format has the same usage as singular utterances of f* or shit or damn.
When combined with other stupid words , like for example , "Pandaaram adangan!" is like "Damn it!"
Like i said before, since Pandaaram is the stepping stone of cursing, chances are that it would not be very popular among friend circles or higher business circles. Rather, pandaaram is more or less confined to households, relatives, kith and kin. There, Pandaaram is both light, meaning not much harm, as well as saying "I am dead serious about this!".
The usage of a curse word is directly proportional to the tolerance and the "badness" factors of the receptors. For e.g, without umpteen utterances of "F" you probably cannot "curse" with a gangster, a rap singer, or a city teenager. This might not be the case with friends or family. Multi-linguals like you are me are blessed with a plethora of curse words or varying degrees or relief and infliction. For e.g, I have a choice of english, hindi, tamil and malayalam. However certain languages are not really apt for cursing, because the language by itself has a singing effect, is very polished or sounds delicate. Blunt and brute languages (I dare not quote any examples) should be perfect for cursing. Which brings forward the question of if you were to design a language, how would you structure the curse words ? (Enya has already made a new language called Loxian, for her new album Amarantine, Check out the lyrics for 'Less than a Pearl'). She found none of todays languages befitting to write the song

What made me write about Pandaaram is a movie called "The Squid and the Whale". In it, a 10 year old, does all kind of swearing and cursing. Ofcourse it gets a little panicky. He is justified by the emotional distress of his parents separating. The movie is an auto-biography of the director, presented in a very realistic way.

One another Universally important thing, is that 9 out of 10 previous blogs in Cranial Exodus are mine!!! Which makes me ponder, whether my blogger-brothers cant overcome the feeling of "aargh! should i blog this?" , or whether they are plain bored, or more horrifyingly, they have found the real life outside and decided not to waste time blogging!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

trying to paint...

bogged down by the fragility of life,
the many abstractions that have become routine,
paint a smile over every doubt and disbelief,
the bliss of careful ignorance,
deafness and blindness, appear when wanted for,
when a difficult question troubles,
dart ahead to the next ritual activity of life,
call up a friend, go shopping, browse or read,
do whatever and get rid of the trouble,
multiplex the brain to many parallel deeds,
when too many thoughts forge, a reasonably sharp arrow,
that might wake you up, from the unreal activity chain,
look upon the downtrodden, the desolate and the poor,
wonder what would you do, subject to all the horror,
praise the lord , and lend a helping hand,
congratulate yourself, and find harmony and rhythm,
above all, keep yourself busy,
keep your pet projects in the pipeline,
not because an empty mind is a devil's workshop,
but because, hell if it exists, is right within!

Many thanks to kesu for the one-liner...
"Madness?! This is ... Varkala!!!!!"
Laughed after a long time...

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Myth | The Sword | The re-born General | The immortal princess | The anti-gravity meteorite

Its 2.56 AM, Been quite some time since I stayed up this late :-) No particular reason today. Jackie Chan is singing the theme song of "The Myth".. I have no clue what he and the girl is singing in chineese, nevertheless, the title "Endless Love" and the melody are catchy and sweet. Though the special effects, the history and action are all goofy, i like the idea of a princess who awaited immortally in an anti-gravity cave for the return of her lover , the General. Reminds me of a Hindi film i watched some 14 years ago..'Suryavanshi' where Salman Khan is the General who takes the re-birth to meet Amrita Singh, the immortal princess. Sweet. I loved the sword salman used in the film, it looked very special. For a few weeks after watching the film, my brother and I had sword fights... Ah, painstakingly made out of wood.. Swords always are elite weapons, above spears, bows or whatever. Anxiously awaiting the release of '300' to see some real good sword fight.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Salute Microsoft!

I bought a core 2 duo PC with a Gigabyte Motherboard. Microsoft Windows XP installed like a breeze. Life is cool.
When i tried to install Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), i got wierd errors like "cd-rom" not detected or a simple blank screen.
Google search returned results like, there is a bug in the Linux kernel , which causes difficulties in detecting the 965 chipset , pata driver, jmicron, blah blah blah..
The point is ... Does windows have all the drivers ?
How is it that a 3 year old windows XP installs with no problems on my latest harware, while the linux kernel fix for this issue wont be out till december ?
Salute you Microsoft , you are truly .. one click and install!

Alternatively, there's an interesting article, why Linux is not meant to be "one click and install".. Why Desktop linux wont take off, and why you dont want it to :-)