Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Getting High

Scanning the chatscape
Ears upright listening for a ping
Snuggled in my sleeping bag
Snug as a bug in a rug
I miss you like a drug.

Looking expectantly at my radar
My own private heads up display
Nothing registers...Not a sound
Then the absence hits me like a slug
I now know that I miss you like a drug.

Social networking websites with electronic trails
For new age paper dragons
I mark upon your haunts like a dog
Desperate now, staring by the grave I dug
I feel it for sure that I miss you like a drug.

Within the confines of my limited imagination
I pace and I measure its finite walls
I vacillate...I palpitate
Drinking down panic gulps of water by the jug
Is this withdrawal? Is this because I miss you like a drug?

I don't own you all rights reserved
Though by now on Sanity's edge I somehow self preserve
I twist...I try...I sink...I cry
Then with an unconvincing shrug
I try to delude myself that you are not my drug.

Still I catch myself training upon your satellite
My silver anodized antennae
Rising out reach across the eons
Within my stupid rhyme scheme I am stuck
Defining how you are like a drug

Now I get better...Calmer and sane
within several words evanescent and mundane
I hit the sweet spot...I time
With words like these, I smile, smug
Even as I miss you like a drug.