Monday, November 10, 2003

quote from another blog

being considerate and appropriate is like a magnet that pulls all the filth around us. it stinks, it sticks

dont you feel it is true atleast i do

quote of an existentialist

one is never entirely unhappy
albert camus - the guru of existentialism

tailpiece - i find it very cool. even though i am dark on the meaning of the word existentialism. i just stole the quote from another blogsite.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

The vedas

The matrix reloaded gives the idea of an eternal loop. The whole matrix is created and it grows. There is the concept of a seperation inside and one part is zion and at some regular or irregular intervals it is destroyed and reloaded.The vedas talk about something similar. In there there are three primary forces shiva, bramha and vishnu and at the begining there is something that creates them. That something is eternal. After the creation the whole system grows and after a regular interval there is the so called flood which destroys everything. And then the process repeats.

matrix revolutions

saw matrix revolutions and i think you guys are not going to like it. anyway i await your reviews. and days are warmer for me. i am living with the ibs guys for the time being and i am enjoying their company. one damn thing is that i dont think these days. no stirring thoughts. no stirring conversations.