Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Buggy Blogspot

Why are you not showing the latest post ?

For two whole days, blogger didnt show the latest post ..
I tried everything in my power... Republish, Resync, Republish, Republish Index .. blah blah blah ..

I could see the blog in edit mode , and if i typed the url. But it just wouldnt come on the home page.

Finally, i changed the theme, republished .. and voila! here we are..

Fixed the buggy bloggy..


Monday, May 29, 2006

Sijin sees an accident.

Sijin once asked "You are driving a bike... You are going to get run over by a trailer or a truck. You can see , its going to happen. You cannot escape. What do you do ?"

Ram, Me : ..

Sijin:"Put your head in.. You donot want to survive as a crippled! Die!" ..

This is a mail , i just got from Sijin.

day before, when i was ridin back home at 12 PM, on the deserted outer ring road, a TATA Sumo came flying from the other road over the divider... i just crossed the point luckily, and it tumbled twice...everythin was so fast.. first time saw a heavy body crashin like a toy car.... seemed like a dream... i helpd the passengers out.. helped them to push the car to upright position... one guy was a software engg..(Had a laptop). some truck drivers also came to rescue... i left 4 home.

yesterday i went to office, the road was so clean, so fast and nobody
heard abt any such thin..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

zombies talking

Deados connected by the dead lines
Or Nerves made of copper wire, or even of nothing,
Talk about zombies, or see them here

Grievous tales pour out in silence,
Tales of loss, loss of words,
I can see his face, drawn and pale, and

I feel the death, for we are connected.

(its an old one)