Sunday, September 01, 2013

32 | Middle Earth

This is middle earth. This is the break-even point.
Do not look back at what you have run through.
Nor at the waterfall and the skies that lay ahead.
Stand right here, at this moment,
and feel the murmur of anxiousness fade away

From this moment, whatever you want is a luxury,
Whatever you dread is an inevitable consequence of living,
and none of your steps shall be on the feet of another,
Taken enough, Given enough, Stay.... Don't let go

On the right horizon is the crescent of Khairullah (Kerala),
pictured on the skies are the faces of loved ones,
On the left horizon high aloft , the glowing sun of aboodhabi,
with blessings, love and grace of a foster parent

This is 32, not 23 nor 64, this is middle earth,
Look empathetic ally at the less fortunate ones,
Look sympathetically at the more arrogant ones,
Carry your own Climate, making them wonder - and he smiles!

Breathe in, Breathe out, and realize ...
There is nothing more you want, nothing less either,
This is that perfect moment of being alive,
Being content with discomfort, Being alive at unplanned

Phew... This is yuk! Cant write anymore....