Tuesday, December 31, 2002

yet another

time: 9:19 PM -
date: 31-12-2002
pLACE: rams comp OFCOURSE.

TOmmorow is YARFE, Yet another really fucked up exam!
guess it wouldnt be a suppli....!

by the way did i tell you about .. my film...
i finished shooting , ya know... dont laugh...its true!
i will tell all about it later.
by neo

Wednesday, November 06, 2002


“ That which feeds me, eats me”
- Saying

“ The greatest of desires , vent out in the form of dreams …”

Story by Neo
With creative inputs from Ram and Zeus.
Special thanks to Kattu !


Character Description:

Opening Sequence:
A very untidy room. A computer, lots of books and paper here and there. Single window. Dull lighting. Attached bathroom.

1A : Close up shot of alarm clock ( digital ). Starts at 06:59:57. ticking...
Alarm at 07:00 :00 . Camera pulls back .

1B: close up, Priyan. Priyan slowly trying to open his eyes. Pull back. Coincide with right arm raising to press snooze on alarm. Camera gets up. Full view of priyan, as he holds up the alarm clock and looks into it.

Indistinct sound.” Mmmm”
( Yeah.. so I am supposed to get up! )

Priyan gets up, camera turns right to follow him. Still static. Turns half a round. Priyan moves towards bathroom. Indistinct sounds , water gushing. Bell rings.

Priyan comes out of the bathroom. Towel on shoulder, wipes face. Moves towards door on left. Coincide , camera moves towards door on left. Priyan opens door.

Delivery man delivers few letters and a package, asks priyan to sign . does it. Bolts door, comes back and sits on bed.

Camera just turns to see him sit on the bed.

1C: camera just beside priyan on bed. Shuffles through the letters.
Opens one at random.

“ We regret to inform you that … ”
Bored , Priyan closes the letter with a sigh.

“ Yet another … “

He then sees the package.
Address on Package.
To Priyanandan
From Indu Raghuraman.

Priyan opens the package. Contains a letter and a Diary. Opens letter.
Close up letter.
“ you were the best thing that happened to me, in my wretched life. I am thankful to you for everything that you gave me, though it was only for once. When you told me goodbye, it didn’t hurt at all, because I knew I had had the best moment in my life. I thought my diary might interest you… Life was great , let me check out death !”

“ Ok, so now you are trying to grab my attention, very well you did, but girl… I don’t know you and I don’t want to… “

Priyan opens the diary.
A photo and some details on the first page.
A black and white image of the girl flashes into priyans mind.
Priyan is confused.
“ Have I seen her, somewhere ? Memories can be treacherous , better not believe them”

First Page of the diary,
” It was Sunday, 21st September, the arts festival day , I saw you in a black pants and black shirt , you were sitting in a corner , least concerned about the commotion , all about. Its seems you were engrossed in something , and my intuition later turned out to be true … I came up to you and said “hi ! I am indu “, but you just smiled back “

Another indistinct image of a girl , smiling , and saying “ hi ! I am indu “ flashes in his mind. Priyan is a little worried. He returns to reading the diary.
“ 22nd September , The day of offstage events, you were silently proceeding to the competition hall. I thought I had play a trick on you and so ,I too entered the versification competition and sat just beside you, but you were so serious , you wouldn’t even notice me , I again introduced myself , you just smiled. “

Same image flashes again . . . Priyan frantically turns the page and reads the next . He can in no way remember this.

“23rd of September, the results have come. You have won the first prize. I came running to congratulate you. You were still unshaken. You silently took the prize and moved away. I followed you and came up to you to say “ congratulations “. You just said “ thanks “. There must have been something in you that caught my fancy. “ remember me ? I am indu , II BA , English , “ and this time I was successful , you said “ Priyan .. MA English “.

Image of the girl smiling and introducing herself flashes oncemore.
Priyan makes a sudden move , draws out the table drawer and digs into it and comes up with a diary of his own. He turns to page 23 september. Comes up with this.

“ I got the first prize, and a girl , name, I don’t remember , came up to congratulate me, and I had to tell my name to get rid of her “

“ same as what I have written, somebody has been reading my diary and making up stories to play pranks on me. Enough of this diary … I don’t have time for this.. “

Priyan picks up the newspaper and starts to read. In the middle, he sees the photo of the girl in the diary in the newspaper “Obituary: Indu Raghuraman, Born: 14-07-1981 Died 17-11-2002”.
Priyan is startled. He takes up the diary and compares the photo, it’s the same .

“That’s just 3 days back… It could have been her diary , and she might have posted it before her death …. Does it contain any vital information? How did she die ? ….. wait .. calm it , this could be someone trying to play a real prank on me , who would … must be one of those internet pranks …. But if she is for real and this is her diary.. what does she want with me ? does she know me ? could it be some other Priyan ? I cant still make out whether I have seen her “

Priyan shuffles through the diary once again and reaches to where he stopped.

“ 20th October , sorry , its been a hell lot of time , since I have written the diary , and I have a very valid reason , I am in love , and I cant think of anything but him …. Priyan . May be sometime later ,I will tell you the whole story .. I am too tired today “

“22nd October, Let me tell you about my Priyan ... Priyan is the most amazing person in this whole world. Priyan is an orphan , I came to know … Right from his childhood, he was a lonely child. It was just that he was of the silent type. He loved to read and read a lot. He wanted to know a lot about GOD and was very inquisitive in this matter. He wrote a lot of poems. The person, to whom he was most deeply attached, Father John Zachariah, passed away when he was 14. It was something he couldn’t bear. He felt he had lost everything. And his interest in life steadily declined. And, I am proud to say that, now he is a lot better and the sole reason is me. I have been able to bring out the best in Priyan, because I know what he is capable of... What an amazing and lovable person he is …”

“ I have never told that to anyone before !!! , I have never written it … How does she know it ? Do I know her … “
Priyan tries to close his eyes and remember her …. But he cant , all he can remember is .. her smiling and saying .. hi ! I am indu…

“ I and Priyan have reached a level of understanding , where we don’t have to talk to understand anymore , one look and I can know what he is feeling and he understands everyone of my actions . I feel I am the luckiest person , to have met Priyan ….”

Diary (continued)
“25th October , Today , we had one of our most intimate conversations , he told me that he wouldn’t want any harm to come to me, and in no way hurt my parents. I explained to him that he was most important to me and that my parents didn’t care for me at all. And for the first time , I hugged him today and cried . In his arms , I find so much peace .. so much solace … I wish I had be with him for every other moment “

“ 28th October , Now nothing can come between us … I feel , I have achieved everything in my life . Priyan was shy at first … I forced him to .. he has a big scar on his back, he had an accident when he was 12“

(startled more than ever)
“ No ! no…. you don’t know this … nobody knows this …“

‘ my guess was right … Priyan turned out to be a very romantic person. We had the best of our lives that day … “

“30th October, I can’t find Priyan, he has checked out of his room. I am very worried. I don’t know what to do “

“ 5th Novemeber , Its been 5 days. And I cant tell anyone , because nobody even knows a person named Priyan existed, how are they going to believe me ? I don’t know what has happened … I don’t know what to do . . .”

“ 6th November, Don’t do this to me , Priyan . why did you leave me .. ?”

“9th November , I got a letter from Priyan , “ Dear Indu, I am not the right person for you, good bye “ . I cried out a lot. I am all alone in the world. I was ready to give up everything in this world for him , and he doesn’t understand that alone is enough. All my tries have been futile.”

“ 12th November , Life goes on.. I know Priyan will never come back for me , I think I have had everything life has to offer. I cant lead a normal girls life anymore … “

“ 13th November, today , I wrote my letter to Priyan’s Old address. I am also sending this diary, as a token of my love. And I have made up some decisions , Diary. You will soon know. I know you wont blame me, because what I do is right … and my right is yours too .. I love you.”

All Pages after that are blank . Priyan closed the diary and began to think , All those thoughts once again. He couldn’t make out anything.
He picks up the phone
“ Sajeev, I need to talk to you, Will you be free for dinner tonight ?”

Interior of Restaurant;
Yellow light.

Priyan sitting. Sajeev enters.

“Hi da! So whats up ? so urgent “

“ Eda.. I got this letter and diary from some girl today “

“And then ?”

“ She has written, things about me, even you don’t know. How is this possible ?

“ what things ?”

“ Eda.. lot of things , like say do you know of any accident that has happened to me in childhood ? “

“Na, you haven’t told me”

“Well , I have had one , and she knows about this . Now who would want to play pranks with me ?”

“ Are you sure,you don’t know this girl ? whats her name ?”

“ yeah , you know I don’t have any girl friends , her name is Indu , Indu Raghuraman”

“ChicK , heh ?”

“ And one more thing.. she died 3 days back”
“Wo …. Wait a minute , what ?”

“ Yes, I saw it in the newspaper”

“ Did you enquire about her?”

“ No, why would i? besides , what does she want with me ? I want to know that “

“ ok, cant we think it this way , some damn son of a bitch , is playing a trick on you “

“ I tried to reason it out that way , but , this diary has a lot of details regarding me, where would that son of a bitch get that , things I haven’t told anyone before , has he been doing some research on me , and after all why ? I mean, I’ve been living a ghost’s life .. no name , no address , no nothing .. nobody even knows me .. “

“ Yes , you don’t have any enemies ….. mmm cant we trace the package ? “

“ yeah , I’ll do that , eda , will you just inquire about that girl ?”

“ Yeah , I’ll try , you better not go there, I’ll check it out “

“Whats the problem if I go ?”

“ Your name is in the diary , not mine, that’s why , who knows, this girl might have picked someone on random to harm before she died …. By the way what else is written in the diary ?”

“ About A Priyan and her , their love story , eventually how he dumped her and she died . she has even mentioned it in her diary. she has last written it on 14th and I got it on 17th. How would someone else plan it so correctly ? Will it be to someone else ?”

“That’s a chance , maybe the address got mixed up, you are not the only Priyan. Or may be just coincidences … “

“ yeah , coincidences “


Priyan’s room
Phone rings
“ I’d been to the girl’s house, they say she was kind of lonely , your type. Drowned in a near by pond , nobody knows much about her. Very few friends. Got a few of them to talk. They say, she did have an affair with someone, but they know nothing else. Eda , keep the diary safe , may be we could hand it over to the police”

“What the hell are you saying ? Give it to the police ? No way ,,, the whole description matches me, and I am going to jail …! No way”

“ Ok , then keep it safe alright , did you get any info where the parcel came from ?”

“ No, I couldn’t get the address , I must have lost it“

“ Eda .. its nothing , don’t worry , just a mix up of address. But this thing could cost your life , better keep it safe , will call you later, bye”


Priyan gets back to the diary and looks through the pages. The same things. But Wait a minute, there are a few more pages written. He might have missed them out in the tension.

“20th November , By now , you must have received the diary and the letter, and I must have passed away. If you are reading this you might be having a kind of awry feeling. How does it feel Priyan ? to live a life like yours , after you have lost a girl who loved you more than herself ? … My question is to you Priyan , you killed me , right ? you made me do this , all for love , but I wont blame you, it was my decision , because , I loved you and didn’t want to live a life without you , Do you still love me ? Didn’t you leave me , because you loved me so much ? I know that , what good is there in this life Priyan without me ? come to me .. I am waiting for you … “

By the time , Priyan reads this, he is completely shattered.

“I haven’t cheated you …. I don’t love you ….”

He cries out of pain. He tries to reassure himself that all this is unreal , but he cant. He tries to think hard, real hard about her… yes he is getting images

He is finally able to obtain images about him and her , yes it was real, he knew her .. it was all real , their love and all that had happened.

“Oh my god… I cant belive this, you were real , how could I forget this …. May be , my mind couldn’t take it all .. I tried to forget this.. no … I cant …I don’t want to live a life without you … “

Priyan takes the sleeping pills bottle from the drawer.

Alarm rings…. Priyan almost jumps off the bed. Time 07:02:00 am.
Priyan looks around the room. Everything is fine.
No Diary .. No Nothing. Takes some time to stabilize.

“ Dream …?!”

( REPEAT OPENING SEQUENCE ) . He goes to bathroom. Bell rings. Delivery man. Letters + Package.
Priyan immediately closes door , and turns to the package.

Indu Raghuraman.

He shuffles through the pages, yes … all the same, but there is no photo this time and he cant remember the photo that was in his dream. All what he had dreamt is coming true... He cant believe it. Rushes to get the newspaper. Frantically checks it. Cant find her photo. Takes the phone, dials to the newspaper office.

“Do you have an obituary message in the name of Indu raguraman ? in the past few days “

He waits for some time .
“NO sir, not any”

Priyan cuts the phone. He gets back to the diary and looks at the first page. No flashes of her in his mind. This is different from his dream.

He turns the page. It is then that he notices the handwriting. It is similar to his. He opens the drawer and takes out some pages , his diary ,

“ Its my handwriting !“

Priyan takes the package cover, looks at the courier address. Makes a phone call to the company.

“Hello , I got a package today , the number is 712563-EIK, can you please tell me who send it and when ?”

“Sorry sir, we cannot disclose , such information”

“Look this is very important, I have the package with me, don’t I have the right to know the senders address ?”

“We don’t usually collect the senders address, if he doesn’t insist on insurance of the package. But I can tell you when It was sent”

“ yes, tell me”

“what was the package number, sir?”


“It was sent yesterday, from our branch in this town itself”

Priyan cuts the phone. He is very confused. The diary is in his own handwriting. How did it happen?

“ Can someone forge , my handwriting ?”

“ I don’t write letters, I use my comp, I just write my diary. Could some body have had access to my diary? Even if yes, why would any one do so ? And I cant find this girls photo or anything …. Is this all real god ? Or am I dreaming again ?”

“ I think I will go to the parcel office and check out if some one remembers the guy who sent this package”

Outside of Parcel office. Black and white image of the office flashes through his mind. He has been here before. He goes in. There are two counters. He deliberately goes to the second counter, and shows the package.

Counter Boy
“ Hello sir, back again , with another package ?”

“What ? Do I know you? “

Counter Boy
“Don’t you remember me sir? You came here with a package yesterday”

“ What ? Are you sure, you must have mistaken me for ….”

Counter Boy
“ No sir, it was you…”

Priyan cant take it anymore. He runs out.


He enters room suddenly and closes door, after him. Rushes towards the drawer and opens it. He now notices an inkpot and an ink pen. He opens the diary and looks at it once more . Yes its his own handwriting and this is the pen he used for it. He slides down and sits.
Frame Dissolve…


Black and white frames flash past fast … he writing the diary . he posting it.

Priyan (screams out)
“But … why …. ?”

Black and white sequence with Priyans’s voice over.

“I was alone …”

Coincide with black and white sequences , flashes of Priyan alone, witing, thinking … etc.

“ fed up of the unreal world … I needed someone real ....”

Coincide with Priyan at work. Writing and rewriting. Papers all over the floor.

“I couldn’t find love, I created her ... in my mind”

Coincide with Priyan writing the Diary. Careful writing with precise words and lot of intense thought.


“ I had to make myself believe of it, so I hid it from myself“

Coincide with Priyan working on the computer, going to sleep, getting up to work on the diary … hides it somewhere.

Coincide with Priyan , posting the parcel . (B/W)

“ But something would go wrong …”

Coincide with Priyan sleeping , Alarm Clock 07:00:01 am.

“ I knew .. I couldn’t hold on to her for long … She would die …. I would have to die.. “

Coincide with the Scene of Priyan reading the last part of the diary .. asking him to suicide.

“ But.. I cant kill myself, I have to reason it out”

Coincide with older images of the sudden dream wake up.. letter arrival.

“It wouldn’t be easy .. to know I tried to kill myself …“

Coincide with Him telephoning .. looking at his own handwriting…. Going to the courier office….

“ I know the truth – she wasn’t real .“


Priyan still sitting in the same positon , as he slid down. Leaning on the bed side on the floor.

“ What can I trust, if I cant trust myself … ? “

Camera Facing priyan.

“ But.. if I can save my life from myself … I can save it from anything else… “

Priyan gets up.
Coincide with dialogue…
“I know, the good and bad .. its all within me …”

“But before that …”

he throws the diary , the papers all .. to the rubbish can… throws away the comp, opens up the curtains….

“ I’ve got a life to live … and I know its not in here”

Priyan exits room.
Fade to Black.
Roll Credits.


Monday, November 04, 2002


-> All dialogues will be reconstructed.

Inspired from

" karmanyavada karasthe ma Faleshu Kadachan,
ma karamafalahedubhumi te saigosthuagakarmani "

" Do what you have to do, Dont expect the results,
Never Plan your actions for results "

- Bhagavath Gita.


( No names have been suggested for the characters,
all suggestions are welcome. )

Kallan: A thief. A loser, who couldnt make it to college , due to unspecifiable reasons.around 20 years of age, makes his life by little robberies. Pretty simple fellow.

She: she is kallan's sister. very selfish and occupied with girlish articles of interest ( jewellery, dress, crockery ... etc... ).. always troubles kallan for something. childish behaviour.

RT: where the deal stinks there is rt. rt is a middle range black market lord who makes his life selling smuggled or stolen goods. Fat, foolish . Started his life just like kallan. Pretty well off now. still waiting for a big deal to strike. very fluent in his indianised inglish!

Fraud: A fraud police officer.. Though foolish, somehow gets his work done, except for this time though.

Anners: an architecture student at CET. Considered by everyone who knows him. Fools around unintentionally. A sat purush except for one single weakness, later mentioned in the story.

Princi: The Principal of College.

(in order of appearance).
The card boss.
His goonda.
The faint girl and friend at Exhibition.
The securities at exhbition.
The bus conductor.
Anners' friends.
Class teacher I.
Class teacher II.

and all others , who make up the college spirit.
---------------------------------------------------------------- Description of Terms:
90 degree : side shot includes all persons
in conversation.

Opening Sequence:

On Screen.
" karmanyavada karasthe ma Faleshu Kadachan,
ma karamafalahedubhumi te saigosthuagakarmani "

" Do what you have to do, Dont expect the results,
Never Plan your actions for results "

- Bhagavath Gita.


Narrow lane.

1A: camera follows fallen things on the road, keychain, small change , kohinoor.... etc.... camera slowly moves into feet of a running person, sweeps his back and finally rests on the back of his head.camera follows the running person.

(O.S) " eda ......... "

he turns around faces camera.

Intercept (V.O)
" This is kallan and... this is why he is running ...... "

CUT to still shots:

1C: Blood shot eyed, pot bellied, obvious gangster, card boss.
1D: Gangster and Kallan , engaged in a card game.
( gangster tense., kallan enjoying )
1E: Reversal of Fortune. ( Kallan loses game ).
1F: Gangster asks for money.
1G: Kallan escapes.

CUT to frozen frame.
1B: The Frozen Frame.
Camera still behind kallan.
Kallan continues running, head still tilted, hits a big terrifying man. Kallan actually hits the man's belly.


2A: Goonda's perspective, from above. looks down at kallan who is terrified.


2B: kallan's perspective: ( from below )Goonda's hand come towards neck.


2C: camera 90 degree.
There is absolutely a huge height difference between the well built goonda and kallan.
Goonda: " Since This is your first time. i will give you 24 hours to return my bosses money. For every extra hour, i will have to do what i have to so , i will cut one of your fingers until there are none..... "
Kallan gulps.


Insert Verse from Bhagavath Gita.
( Preferable Backgroud Music : Drums )

kallan comes home, Camera in INT. House. Perspective from doorstep.

3A : Camera faces kallan from interior.
(O.S) : " Oh there you are ! ..... "
Camera spins 180 degree to face she
" Where were you..... ? .. "
Camera turns 90 degree to reveal kallan who is now in the frame.
she shows him pictures from book.
she: " arent these beautiful ? " (preferably dress/jewellery)
( not on camera ).
she ( continues ) : " the marriage is next week, when are we going to take the gold ? what about the dress. "
Kallan's head reals ....
it is now that she notices something is not right with kallan.
She: " Honey is everything alright ... ? "
He: " Ah! .. its just a head ache .... "
she return to enjoying the pictures on magazine, least concerned about kallan.
He turns back.
Camera turns to face kallan's back.
Kallan proceeds to the door to exit.
(O.S) she : " will you bring that new femina, its got some bridal special , you know .... "
kallan disgusted
turns " YEAH...... "


4A: Camera follows kallan , as Kallan enters a Phone booth, takes the phone turns, dials some number.
Kallan holds the phone

CONVERSATION. ( no new characters on screen)
kallan : is that rt ?
O.S: " i told you, no call me here ".
kallan: i am in deep shit, you have to help me.
O.S: (pause) call me in my mobile.
kallan looks at phone , sighs.

5A: Camera close up on mobile phone.
mobile rings. rt's hand picks up.
Camera tracks phone to the ear.
( face hidden by hand).
(V.O) : Let me tell you abour rt....
If the deal strinks, rt is behind it !

rt (on phone) : ok.... ( small pause ), very important! then
come here fool !
garbled voices from other side of the line.
rt: (madrasi hindi) " arre ! minute ka das rupya lagtha he na... ! ".


6A: camera slowly climbing up , kallan's back, finally rests on kallan's left shoulder. rt's face is in camera. Kallan's head out of focus.
kallan : "and that is how i lost my 75,000 and ended up owing 50,000."
rt: ( silent ).
kallan: " that 75,000 was meant for my sisters marriage "
rt: ( silent).
kallan: " oh god, he is going to chop my fingers "

Camera turns around 90 degrees in a swift motion
coinciding with rt leaping out of the seat and slapping kallan.

rt: " you scum bag, you dick head ! you screw up all the time and expect me to get you out ! (*$*(*$#( "
kallan: ( mumbling something ... unclear )
rt slaps again: " Dont interrupt while i am talking ... Now this is what i want you to do "

Camera leads kallan from front . Kallan carrying Roll Pack.
( The whole shot is the implementation of rt's V.O)
rt's V.O: go straight.. take the last stall, show your student pass, tell them you want to make a few sketches.... go to the last exhibit.
Camera leads kallan until he reaches the piece.


7B: Panaromic shot of the Painting.
rt's V.O: I know it looks like bull shit !

7B1: interior of rt's room, rt on one side of the table, kallan the other. camera on left of kallan, kallan's desp.
rt's voice: THAT BULL SHIT painting is worth 10 lakh, and i already have a dealer for that. so the deal is... you get me the painting , i give you 50,000 nothing more nothing less....

7C: Close up of Kallan as he shows distaste to the painting.
( 2 art lover's look with awe towards the painting . indisticnt voice : oh my god! thats just indescribable ! " )

7D: Camera 90 degree. Kallan facing the painting, fools around, acts like trying to make a sketch of the painting. occassionaly looking around. Tense.

rt's V.O: when the chick causes a diversion.....

7E: camera in another lobby. A girl faints, another starts crying out loud. people rushing in.

7F: Camera in painting room.90 degree.
Security guards run out.
rt's V.O : swap the painting fast .....
kallan, detatches the painting from the wall, takes the one from his roll pack, and places it there...
rt's V.O: they gonna take sometime to know its fake .... thats your time ....
kallan rolls the original and places it in the roll pack.
kallan moves to room exit, opens door.

Camera outside the room, lobby. A lot of commotion towards left. Camera focus on door, kallan appears, closes the door behind him, gives one look to the commotion towards his right.

rt's V.O : comeon now, get out of there , clean and decent, without making any tense faces.

camera turns around.
kallan proceeds to exit.


Camera facing kallan in front , turns , static.
kallan makes quick , tense steps towards to the bus stop
Bus comes, kallan hops on to the bus.

Camera on Footboard, facing backwards, almost complete view of bus. decent rush in the bus. kallan stands with his roll pack.
Conductor enters the frame, from behind, proceeds to kallan.
Conductor: " nga... avide...evidekka ?" (LOCAL ACCENT)
kallan: ( frantically tries to dig out change from his tight jeans pocket and meanwhile unknowingly hits someone with his roll pack. he moans ... )
Conductor ( angry ) : " neyum nindoru kunthrandam ! "
conductor removes roll pack from kallan and throws it to the luggage carrier. kallan wants to stop but cant and stares helplessly. shells out change.
conductor takes change, pushes kallan further into the crowd, almost dissapears from the frame, lost in crowd.

Camera tries to follow kallan, but as soon as he is lost in the crowd, camera turns back to show the original place where kallan was standing. There Anners is standing with a similar roll pack.

Conductor: " ini nindeyaduthe prethyekam parayano ? "
Anners quickly removes and throws his roll pack on the luggage carrier, terrified .


9B: Close up shot of two identical roll packs lying side by side on the luggage carrier. we cant say which is which.


9C: Camera at same place : Footboard.
O.S: (conductor): " a... sreekaryam .... "
kallan takes roll pack and walks past the camera .
Bell rings, Bus moves. Camera just turns right to see kallan waiting to cross the road.
camera returns to original position. Focus on anners.
O.S: " engg: college! "


10A: camera facing bus door.
Anners almost is thrown out from the crowd with his roll pack.
Camera pulls backs with anners walking towards college.
( Approaches ascend )
Anners is joined by a friend who enters the frame.
( we can see indistinct faces making fun and voices behind calling out "anners .. anners " )

Camera still rolling back.
Friend: Hey... Is the submission ready ?
Anners: ( Holding up the roll pack ) . Yesterday nights hard work.
Friend: (laughs) Look at this , this is my sister's , i just removed the signature.
Anners: ( karmanya... Bhagavth gita verse ).
Friend : What the fuck is that ?
Anners: It means, what is important is the effort and not the result, you should work , and the results will follow.
Friend: No wonder you are called Anners.

V.O (another friend approaching from opposite side):
" eda namukku cinemakku pokam "
Friend: aarudya ?
V.O : Urmila.......


10B: Black and white Close up of Anners.
V.O: This is the perfect satpurush , except for URMILA.....
camera turns around along with anners, Anners is all blinded , he walks as if in a dream.
Indistinct figures of other friends behind him.All sounds muted . (bg music). Friends passing sheets to girls.

Background Music begins...
From some Urmilla movie. (MAST).


10C: Return to COLOR.
Footage from URMILA movie with Urmila walking towards the screen showing off her biggest assets.


10B: Black and white.
anners stumbles, Roll pack hits some friend.
Natural voices return.
Friend: ( moans ) ( roll pack hits him )
Friend: You Idiot ! You havent submitted your sheet !
Anners: ( as if suddenly woken up from dream )
Sheet, submission, Oh my god ( runs up hill towards class ).


10C: Close up of all friends.
Friends ( in one voice ) : ANNERS !

11A: Camera from rt's back. kallan opposite to rt , in frame. rt opens the roll pack ( Pluck !) . Rolls out the sheet.
( not shown on camera .)

kallan: Its really bull shit .. eh ?
rt: yeah.
kallan: these fools must be real ass holes to pay 10 lakh for this.
kallan gazes down at the sheet.
screams out .... !! what is this ?

11B: close up of the sheet. some archi drawing. A huge plan and section of a modern European Closet.

11C: Sudden slapping. rt to kallan ofcourse.
camera at back of rt.
rt's voice : NOW LISTEN, you get me that painting , or i am gonna make your life hell.
kallan: but.... I.....
rt (notices the roll pack.... the label ... )

11D: close up of label on roll pack.
F3 Arch,

11E: camera 90 degrees kallan's side.
rt: You fool , you swapped it with the archi student in engineering college.
kallan: ( frustrated , almost about to cry )
" i will get it.. " grabs the paper ,roll packs and runs to exit.
as soon as kallan dissapears from the frame,
camera zooms in on rt.
definite mood change.

FOCUS ON Rt's face.
voices : ' i lost 75,000 , and owe 50,000 ' -kallan's voice
' i will give you 50,000 ' - rt's voice
' oh god...its her marriage, how will i get 125,000 " - kallan's voice.
' is he making me a chicken ? ' - rt's voice.
Camera pulls back.
rt picks up the phone and dials.
rt: How would you like to catch the hottest art thief. ?
V.O ( fraud) : what do you mean ?
rt: i will give you the guy, he is all yours, get me the painting, keep all the awards for catching him .. and you can always say the painting was lost in encounter !
V.O ( fraud) : is it one from the exhibition ?
rt: yeah.
V.O : Thats a hot case, i am on it.
rt: and, i dont want any scene.
V.O: no probs, i'll be in mufti , where is he now ?.

camera from behind, kallan is in the college front, College of engineering sign is visible in back ground, kallan proceeds to ascend. camera zooms in on sign

12B: camera inside lobby, leading kallan, kallan looking terribly confused and stressed, looks here and there
camera turns 90 degree as kallan asks passerby
" where is F3 ? i want to see anners , its urgent "

passerby ( understanding that since he is looking for anners , he too must be of the same type )
: oh! that... just go to the first floor and turn right, its the first room on right.
kallan: thank you.
camera turns 90 to face kallan.
as kallan ascends the stairs, we can see passerby and his friends smirk and laugh.
kallan moves out of the frame.

12C: first floor corridor.
camera behind kallan, who walks and opens the door to the right.

12D: camera inside , focused on door.
kallan opens the door and looks to the right , and chammi!
( as if he made a fool of himself)
closes door.
camera turns left to reveal CET's beautiful bathroom.

camera in corridor facing kallan.
kallan : ( to himself ) right... left... right ....
kallan turns right to enter some room.

Princi's perspective. A funny looking head peeps in the room , with a roll pack behind.
princi: "yes what can i do for you ? "

13A: camera follows anners as he runs to the door of his class room . he settles there. camera settles just beside him.

anners: May i come in Madam.
(Madam: gives a sweet smile to the interruptor of her class . All class makes a hush hush about anners.)
camera zooms past him to madam's beautiful face.
Madam looks at the class and then at him. ( Camera)
sudden mood change. she turns red and screams out
" get out of my class !!!!!! how dare you come late again !!! " .
( while saying camera makes a swift retreat to the original position, behind anners ) .
Anners desperately looks at his watch sighs and proceeds to exits.
camera turns remains static . ( voices of the whole class laughing out and then the teacher scolding the class - what i s there to laugh about ).
camera remains static until he exits.

Exterior Canteen. Camera focus on sign board

Anners waiting for tea. Camera opposite him.
He and table are in the frame.
Coffee is placed on the table.
anners takes a sip, surprised.
anners: Anna , chayaya paranjathu.
O.S: ( local accent )
Chyayayum kyappiyum yellam onnu thannede !
indistinct giggling of the canteen crew.

( can include a close up shot of canteen crew, with the waiter saying : anners ... )

14A: kallan's perspective.
Princi and Princi's table. Pile of paper, files, phone, her photo with ministers and so on...
Princi: " Yes what do you want ? "
( Anyone could misunderstand kallan for a student of the college ). Kallan doesnt know that this is princi, he thinks its someone related to archi department.

14B : camera to right side of princi table. kallan and entire room in Frame.
kallan: " er... did anners come here with something like this " ( pointing to his roll pack ).

14C: kallan's perspective.
princi: " what ? what the hell are you talking ? where are your books, where is your id ? dont u have class now ? .... "

14D: camera 90 degrees. Frame includes kallan, table and seated princi.

kallan ( fools around ) blinks meakily.
princi: How dare you fool around your time in the college with this disgusting attire ! this is too much ! i am going to call your father right away....

princi picks up the phone
princi: whats his number .....?
kallan ( spills out rt's number )
princi: ( while dialing ) what's his name ?
kallan ( spills out rt's name )
princi: " is this rt ? "
rt ( O.S ): yes .....who is this ... ?
princi: i am speaking from cet, do you have any idea what your son is upto ?
rt: son... ? cet .... ?
princi: he comes to college in a disgusting attire, that too without any books, id, he then disturbs me without reason. dont you teach him any manners ?
rt. ( now understanding that kallan is the trouble causer )
: can i talk to him for a moment madam ?
princi hands over phone to kallan.

14E: camera close up on kallan's face.
indisctinct voice of rt abusing.
finally a clear voice : " Now get that painting , and get back here soon, or I myself am going to kill you, The dealers will be here any moment , you scoundrel! "

14F: camera 90 degrees
kallan hands over phone back to princi.
before princi can say anything rt interrupts.
rt: sorry madam, it wont happen.

14G: camera, kallan's perspective.
princi cant just take it.
princi talks to the dead phone for a while, trying to threaten the so called kallan's father.
princi turns towards camera and shouts : Now get out.
princi back to work.
camera pulls back to reveal kallan. kallan turns, faces camera and goes out of frame.
princi pulls out a mirror and adjusts herself.
(can introduce comedy bit, princi's past time or something )

Camera in corridor. facing Princi room's door. Kallan comes out desperate and moves out of the frame to the left. The peon sitting on the stool, takes out the cloth that hangs on the sign board. camera zooms in on sign board.

camera moving through corridor, kallan's perspective.
suddenly from nowhere Fraud jumps into the frame and givs a hard punch on the camera.

camera 90 degrees. reveals unconscious kallan lying on the floor. Frantic Fraud, takes out the sheet from kallan's roll pack and puts it in his own. checks kallan's breath.
Fraud : " oh my god !!!! .... "
frauds get up and runs. moves out of frame.

anners in restaurant. camera against him. anners looks in the watch. get up and leaves. moves out of frame.

exterior. camera facing anners. anners walking hastily, friend joins.
Friend: hey pal, you late ? me too.
anners doesnt look and keeps walking.
Friend: dont want to waste another moment ,lets submit the painting, i am sure , mine is the best.

kallan's perspective.
lot of students crowded over him
indistinct voice : hey are you ok.. do you need water ?

20B: camera on people's perspective. very crowded room . all noise. some dance practise is going on in the back ground. sounds of people cheering.
camera turns as kallan gets out of the room.
kallan gets up slowly, makes his way out through the crowd, cant understand what has happened , feels his head is reeling.

20C: camera outside the room. on doorstep.
kallan comes out. just then someone calls out.
someone: hey buddy , you forgot this.
( hands over the roll pack )
kallan takes it and then remembers why he is here.
walks as fast as he can towards the balcony.
camera slower than kallan , follows from behind.
kallan reaches balcony. camera follows and then reaches the balcony.

20D: kallan's perspective from balcony.
slighty tilting and hazy. lots of students here and there,
suddenly zooms in on anners rushing towards his department.
camera pulls back.
kallan darts with all might towards the stairs.

CUT: ( shot not yet decided)
camera following kallan as kallan runs down the stairs, hits a few people here and there and runs towards the department.
just stops in front of the department.
anners gets in.
kallan remembers the episode in the princi room and doesnt want to get into more trouble . decides to wait outside.

camera beside a small queue of 3 or 4 people.
(O.S) sir's voice: Thats a good one. well done jim!
jim moves out of the queue.
camera turns to face anners.
(O.S) : that's wonderful.
anners makes a step forward.opens roll pack, takes sheet and hands it over to sir.

21F: camera just beside anners , we cant see the sheet.
sir: ( after rolling out it in his hands )
" this is disgusting, do you call that art mister ? what the fuck have you done with all those colors, you miserable creature, there is no creativity in this... you are an arrogant fool "
sir gets angry and throws the sheet through the window.
camera traces the sheet to the windows.

camera at feet level, kallan's legs ( he is walking to and fro , with heads down) .
a rolled paper lands just near his legs.
kallan bends down and picks it up.
camera traces his hand. camera turns and situates itself infront of kallan.
kallan rolls out the sheet.
His face is lit up by yellow light.
( background music )

he spookily rolls it, puts it in the roll pack and walks away.


Monday, May 20, 2002

Album: Exam Season.

Song: S5 Maths Improvement. (40)

I dont know , but i am in love
I want to fly like pigs,
with blue butterflies ,
over the green grass,
and yellow flowers,
singing about love !

The orange sun smiles at me,
Oh, my little , lets drink the honey,
and flap our wings in glee.... !

by neo