Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Just look at what you have done to yourself?!

Aargh! .. Yuk ! .. shit ..
Just look at what you have done to yourself ....
You are in a pretty bad shape ... aint ya ? ...
You laugh on the outside ..
but you are bleeding inside ...
You know that the end is near ...

The seven arrows on your chest,
only drives you more to live life more ...
what the hell do we need ?
what do we enjoy ? .. really ...
is everything sour once you have it ?
creep up in the dark , in ftv-ville ...
ponder over the stars .. and dream like anything ...
will it be back again ? will we drive back ?
or will we drive forth for something untasted ?

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Ambition 135

an exhilarating experience ...
love oneself, the peak of selfishness ...
forget the world ... and live for yourself ..
expect my hunt for death to begin this friday!!! en-route PONDY ..
the curse of a netizen gal , who says that her mom agreed that she marry me ..
what the fuck ?! we even havent met ......
gosh ... why are we all so big geniuses ? .. ram ? .. bala and me ? ...
someday soon .. its all gonna end ..
but before that .. lets believe..
"its all for ever"


Saturday, February 14, 2004

i am bursting inside. i can't live like this. i thought i will live with myself. and god i am so boring.

man with no words

she sounded gay
and talked to me in her own way
like the same child
who used to be my dear friend
I could recognize those words
though scripted in long forgotten tones
and when i thought of talking
she went totally cold
for i talked no sense
and in an alien tongue
tender feelings being crushed
i felt the pain again

got no meaning

The jester kept on mumbling
that he was falling
But the wise guys aint listening
for they knew he was joking
The jester's got a loose tongue
They would have cried
Had they got more time
For a crying jester.