Thursday, December 30, 2004

Words Random

forced, fed,
left undead.

last hope,
enough rope.

lost time,
reason, rhyme.

enough said
heaving head.

tuneless songs,
mindless throngs.

Causal analyses,
fatal catalysis.

prematurely aged,
ferocity caged.

rage denied,
nature defied.

throbbing impotence,
celebrating ignorance.

blessed meek,
gloating keep.

chained heroes,
glorified zeroes.

faking faces,
mistaken places.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

When i had my job in trivandrum, the first 8 months i used to travel 15 kms a day by two buses. I used to have the company of a bus full of little school going children, all cheerful and noisy. They would be with me for half the distance. I would listen to the little boys playing silly games and little girls chatting. Then i used to walk a little every day on the same path, which runs through a residential area. The whole travel thing gives you a lot of space even if the buses are crowded and even when you are travelling the same path every day. Looking back from here they all look interesting, though i might have been a lot bored with them some times. The worst would be the wait for buses. Most of the days i used to wait for around 1 hour in the night at a bus stop which did not have even a bench to sit. I used to think of making concrete benches there. 1 hour is a lot of time to stand alone and you get the craziest thoughts in your head.

Later i moved in with my grandpa at a house closer to my office. Living with grandpa was kinda difficult and the lack of freedom hit me really hard. And then again my escape was the quite and calmful 3 km stretch from my house to the office. Many days i used to walk both ways and i had about 6 combinations of paths to take. One of these paths passed through a residential area housing most of the the state ministers. Huge, old and beautiful buildings with lot of grand trees around. And a i used to touch two schools in the way, so again the company of little children. Then there was the 7th way by getting on a bus and then i have to walk only half a km. Mostly i took that way in the night when i give company to my friends for dinner. That way had a church like thing with people doing mass prayers most of the time. And a girls hostel in a beautiful old fashioned house guarded by two ferocious dogs. Just accross you see a huge unmaintained pond which looked very inviting. A great place to commit suicide. The pentecost prayer hall also used to entice me a lot. I used to call somebody(mostly nihas) when i had a chance to walk this way.

So in hyderabad on a whole i miss mobility, space and those charming paths. Another thing would be people with whom i communicate via telepathy. And the children.

And the little things, like the small tea shops, fish curry meals, occassional film festivals, sea food ...


Welcome December ! I love you !
Today my vehicle stopped at the kotturpuram signal , after clocking 45 kilometres to a litre ... hmmm .. i thought it would reach 50 ... anyway, i took out the petrol stored in the bottle (kept in refrigerator last night :) and poured it ...
me horse wouldnt start !! I tried the two step choke , one step at a time .. nope .. no hope ..
Today is supposed to the blue day at office and i am wearing a blue executive shirt , blue naturally faded jeans (4 yrs and still counting... ) and a blue reebok shoes (after persuading shobin over the phone for 4 minutes) and the blue Timex watch (Balz) .. so i think i am looking cool today and all the chicks racing on the scootys and hugging on to their dear lives behind their pulsars are having a second look at the smart chap stuck on the road and kicking his ass !! oops kickin his bike !! ..
went to the near by shop .. shopped for 20 Rs petrol .. and came back and filled ... NO HOPE YET! ... call up bala , dog ,vikram , and seetha....
Called up Varnad at Hero Honda , Adyar and informed ..
His suggestion "Seems you got an AIR BLOCK , Keep the petrol tank open and kick start ... "
"OKEY >> THANKS .. " I said .
After cutting the line, i realized the HORROR !! if you open the petrol tank lid .. you cannot possibly remove the key from it .. how then do i use the key the switch on the vehicle .. Oh!!!!
Brain wave ... Fought furiously with teeth and nails ... aah! shit ! doesnt work ..
Cross over : .. Bargained furiously with teeth and nails .. Rs 50/- for the auto rickshaw ! THIEF ! ROBBER ! BASTARD !!!... went home , picked up the spare key came back and then opened petrol lid , switched on .. kick kick ..
while (1) {
if (started()) {
Broke the infinite loop after 15 minutes .. reason "tired .. "
Called up Adyar motors again .... Varnad Promises help in 10 minutes ... Called up everyone near and dear again .. just like that .. i was enjoying this :) ...

Sudden Screach ... WHOLE of kotturupuram froze ! a Qualis breaked just in time ... phew !! Culprit : YET ANOTHER SOAMFA Auto rickshaw which took a sudden U-Turn .
Autos have only one front wheel which helps then i sudden turns (90/180) .. which leade to accidents !
meanwhile, my god-send-helper (mahesh from adyar motors) was searching for me infront of IIT .. I called him twice .. went to Voice mail and finally got him ... phew .. told him that i was at kotturpuram .. our communication was 50 % effective (english - tamil - gibberish) ...
finally he found me and did this ..
Open petrol tank lid ... blow air .. close lid .. open fuel pipe from near reserve knob , leak out some petrol , switch on choke ... one start ... switch off choke ..
VOILA !! grrr .. ambitions purrs like a pussy :) ... yahooooooooooo!!!
Felt really good that day .. because i wasnt in the fucking air conditioned office explaining my existence :) ha ha ha ..
To make sure you have proper attendance , dont swipe out .. at 12 midnight , it will automatically do it ..(exception single swipe!!) ... thats one small flaw in the system :) so i clock 9 hours .. ie 3 pm to 12 pm :)

NB : The climate has been near perfection in the last few weeks !! Hallelujah ! That could explain the high spirits :)