Thursday, October 30, 2003


i just wonder why we crave so much for attention. i am going from a loner to loner. people around me walk as if they dont see me. but luckily now a days i dont do any thing to get attention. because it is boring if you tried that and you still get none. in hostel also i am more like a ghost. a ghost only jerry can see. and i thought i move out. i am planning to spend some days with joseph and party. hope it goes well.

Friday, October 24, 2003


here are my fractured mind has shrunk to a point where it cannot hold on to a single train of i wander and i scribble.....this is to keep me sane.....
i cant even hold on to a single theme or emotion these days.

Some days are spent in quiet torment
And others in efforts vain.
Energy and soulforce spent
Just to fail again.
In times like these I hope to see
How else things might have been.
In times like these I hope to be
All else I could have been.

Placed my life in else's hands
Thought I might be free
Soldier caught in no man's land
I find no empathy.

Arrows fly from left and right
Is it a friend or foe?
I raise my arm and strike at night
At whom? I 'll never know.
Through the night I fought the fight
Was it a battle? Was it a war?
In the calmness of the morning light
And more.
Alone I stand, sword in hand
At the edge of the battlefield.
Shifting sands of that aging land
Scarred but it had healed.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Confession of a Dangerous Mind

Dear Fellas,
Finally I asked a Girl if i could screw her, she laughed and then said "NO".
She is the ugliest girl you would ever see in your lives .. but what the heck ? i just wanted to get laid.
Hope this explains my state of mind.. HA HA!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

taxi driver

At last i found some time to see taxi driver and it was too good a movie. The male psyche represented in the movie really was cool. De Niro is at his youngest and coolest and so is jodie foster. But the coolest thing is the movie and not the stars. And then you guys are too silent. So long

Monday, October 13, 2003

love and hatred

Yesterday i had an infy test at bangalore. Instead of getting down at bangalore i got down at hosur (blunders as usual) which i found was 40 kms from bangalore. It was too cold and romantic a morning to cry over blunders and soon i was on another bus to bangalore. The city greeted me with cold showers and a large bus station where i couldnt find an enquiry. Thankfully i got to the exam center. Saw a lot of our guys there. After the exam i just had two hours to spare before my return bus. I wandered a bit and it was then i felt the pain of alienation. The aloneness, and the only exception was when you see fellow youth whichever place they may be from. You can easily identify with them. I hated the whole place until kiran and sijin came to meet me just before the bus took off. The bus back had its small pains which are rather boring. And then no more.
tail piece : i made blunders in the test too rather unexpected isnt it

Thursday, October 09, 2003


I just went through some other blogsites and reading them is real fun at least better than reading all the impersonal forwarded mails from groups. Yesterday night some junior fellow in college came over me and talked to me about once again. He has seen me in the making. That felt good. I got sandeeps membership and went down to welgate. Not a wasted journey since i got taxi driver but still couldnt find time to see it. Morning i was late but being late has its advantages. I could see the beatiful creature who i am going to stalk if i get more free time. She was more serious today and stared at me for a while. Her lips were more composed and she had something on her mind. Now today our CEO is not here so taking the liberty to do some morning browsing. And then no more.