Monday, October 25, 2004

Depression - how to deal with it

Depression - An Emotional Turmoil

Essentially we are all helpless,
but that doesnt mean we don't show off :)

Last time i called Ram, he said he was depressed.
Depression is a disease, which we all suffer from..
Frustration comes in immediate succession to Depression.
"lashes of Depression" . .that would be a good usage... with every lash, you fall deeper into the black hole, until you react.This reaction is of mostly a violent form.

The best way to deal with depression is to do something that will make you feel humbled, awed, humiliated .. no dont feel humiliation, that will get you back to depression.

Now, feeling humbled would be extremely difficult for a LEO,
because there are rarely things that he doesnt excel in,
though sometimes synchronized acrobatics do make them
feel humbled.

Feeling AWED is the easier of the two. Its pretty simple.
Get out of your city , Get out of your work, Go back to the Nature.
Depending on personal choices, you may prefer to be lone(which i like),
or keep the company of close friends. Here is what i do..
I take out my bike and race on the ECR (The East Coast Road) ,
till i have a near death experience. The feeling is profound...
the perfect mix of being humbled and awed. The last time ,
it was raining heavily, god was flashing his torch every now
and then , cars were moving dead slow, even the rain drops that
touched my hand were hurting me.. oo, 100 kilometre per hour! a rock ... so this is essentially the point where my
depression reaches a peak of haught (a word which bala dont like).
and then suddenly, a cow which was crossing the road , stopped
abruptly , and started walking back .. EEEEKS!!! I almost hit..
the curve drops abruptly to ground zero! phew... I am still alive,
Now that is where i feel a little humbled, Repeat this a few times,
WIthin an hour or so , i am at some lonely beach , just me and the sea,
and then you can chew on your good old memories , this is when you
have an erection again... i mean you go up the curve and rest there
for sometime .. but good old memories are few and then you
(in classic eminem terms) .. snap back to reality , up there goes gravity!
oh... you are so sad.. (big secret .. you could try crying out loud too
no one is around ; but i prefer screaming and shouting at the top
of my lungs) .. aah what a satistfaction it gives ....

if you are sure of yourself, you could try some physical excercises,
which leave you exhausted.. (tried running ?)
I feel humbled when i see life around me .... such a complicated thing...
People scurrying around.. i feel humbled , when i see parents trying
to get the best for their children, i feel humbled watching even the
simplest machinery, and i am happy for my ignorance .. because i can
be humbled so easily ... i can even be humbled by a good illaichi tea:)

maybe we are too immature, but thats really a good thing , because
if we are 17 at heart , we are doing things that most 17 yr olds
cannot because ,we are really 23 and earning something , staying alone,
bachelors and a lot lot other reasons...

depression can be broadly classified as two

Class 1 : People Hater
Solution : Be Awed ... Get back to Nature ..

Class 2: General Depression
Solution : Be humbled .. Look around and see lesser life around you
(Just ignore the greater life , they mean nothing ;)

Love can be the root of some, if not all Depression, amongst us
bachelors. Now, the reason , i use Love and not Lust or Sex is because,
essentially we all are good people, and not perverted bastards. Noone
would really want to go bang bang as they show in the tripleX movies.
Watching such stuff would never make you depressed ...
The Dangerous ones are those who display DIVINE LOVE ..
"TO know someone every square inch" as bala rightly remarked ....


Friday, October 01, 2004

I remember bala saying about failure once, that let it be small or big failure is failure. I can feel it now. No matter what they say, that it was a game or you learned something from it, failure is failure and its crushing me down....