Thursday, September 23, 2004

backward growth

feeling humbled by the new surroundings. feeling timid. afraid. dependant. would like to feel pain. would like to enjoy the pleasure in gambling. would like to be a little more normal. good blogs friends. will join you soon.

Friday, September 17, 2004

truly, madly, deeply

stagnating in this incessant pool of python orgies,
vocabulary doesnt count, nor does grammar,
its only the capability to lick arse ! right after a flung dung ...
and i spoke to myself on the Phone, after pulling over at a highway ?!!!
if thats possible, i can very well create 4 real life characters,
and call them dog, zeus, ram and morpheus and live their lives too!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

sucide in easy installments

So I finally enrolled in a gym and am killing myself a few grams at

a time. The pain is continuous and never lets up at all. Just when

you think you are used to it, you go there and do just that little bit

more which makes you feel a lot more dead and leaves you a little

more alive...

Friday, September 10, 2004

Enjoying my final days in this office of mine before i shift to a new company. one year and two months. hell happy ness for a lazy fellow. a company which has been working for more than 3 years making not a penny of profit. a ship sailing towards a huge goal, with a buch of simple people and a great captain on board, none seems to beleive in the goal. the atmosphere is cozy, like a family. we even have a grandma (captains mother in law) residing in the lower floor who scolds us when we leave the lights or ac on.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Going Home

Its feel nice to step back into the shoes of the goody good mama's boy, even though its for a couple of days. Its a place , where everything is taken care of, where i sleep at 10 and wake up at 6 no matter what. For 6 months after the entrance exam, i was at home. It felt good actually. I was least concerned about the commotion going on for the Re-valuation. I actually did what i felt.. watched a lot of movies, ate a lot (whenever i felt), got myself a driving license, thought of learning C programming (ha ha), and slept .. snored ... in peace ...

Every morning .. there was breakfast ready at the table ...
Clothes were neatly arranged in tha almirah, just to be selected . (Holy! they were even ironed!).

If i had continued staying at home ... hmm lets just assume ....
I should have been teaching in some near by college about computer science .. a clean 9 to 6 job with 10k in hand ? .. some extra hacking / cracking work ... sundays off ... i dont know .. maybe i would get bored ..

is there anything we dont get bored of ? .. or is there anything i am bored of ?

There was a time, when i used to restrain myself from writing Shit , i mean , things which i felt was absolute shit ..probably because i had a concern for the reader ? (nay i didnt have any concern for the reader , even if it meant me reading it for a second time .. - refer the Lets fly like pigs .. over the green grass poem!!!) ...

But since you guys are churning out classics (ram is famous for his RESTRAINED WORDS WHICH PIERCE LIKE ROSE THORNS).. I thought of taking an alternate plan .. called
TOTAL EXPRESSION .... bala gave up his Rhyme ?!! Man, that was natural ...shouldnt have done it ....