Saturday, July 30, 2011

TED | My new found escape

For a long time, the only sites I used to visit were,, ...

Not anymore, I have found a brilliant collection of talks by the most fascinating minds of our times --- I spend an hour or two ,every Friday, listening to the talks. They are short (not more than 20 minutes), minimalistic, and truly matching the categorization the site has given - jaw-dropping, courageous , inspiring, informative.......

Here are some

A Robot bird that flies
The thrilling potential of Sixth Sense - by Pranav Mistry
Underwater Astonishments

A rosetta stone for the Indus Script

Courageous & Disturbing at the same time
Sex Slavery & Trafficking in India

Close up card magic tricks

Or , if you prefer the youtube way, search for "TED" on youtube. I am not sure, if all the talks are posted there.