Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I saw some Movies

I saw some movies .. Movies, which i dare to call MOVIES .. after a long long time of DUMB SHIT TV !
They are

1) American History X .
2) American Psycho
3) Jacobs Ladder
4) Good Fellas

I dont think i would be able to do any justice to these by writing a Review on them. Experience it yourself

Saturday, March 13, 2004

i need to talk and there is no one around.
it looks like i am the last man in the world.
where are you my friend.

emotional promiscuity

deep pain and my mind was sobbing
until i saw the happy people
and then i was happy once again
i was overwhelmed by it
until i saw the unlucky ones
and i was unhappy once again

Monday, March 08, 2004

Surreal Dreams

- On behalf of BALA


i was inside the smallest atm in the world......i walked in with fever and cold and i inserted my card inside th machine(which was placed surprisingly low on the floor) with the cover on.......then the machine went bonkers and it opened up raining 500 rupee notes which i collected and rushed to my room.....i fell asleep and i woke up to find my cousin in the bed next to mine...he was nevr supposed to be there...i actually searched my room for the money when i woke up...


i was in some remote town in USof A where a local doctor offered me a head transplant to get rid of a painful recurring headache....


In the making ...