Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Escapist

Yet another poster designed by Harish

Friday, January 20, 2006

3 little pigs

I wrote 3 short verses/lyrics/crap/poems/whatever.
As my ever suffering audience, put up with it...

When I got no mails today from the group

All dead leaves in a pond, pushed ‘gainst another
By random ripples of destiny’s hands
Never getting together by own volition
Only through collision by chance

When some one needs a code she cannot crack…
When some one needs a level she cannot hack…
When some one needs a mail update he cannot otherwise see…
Is that the only time that they mail me?

When after a brief spurt the mails died down

Relentless summer sun upon the earth’s brow
Constant hammering turns the mental tissue to mush
And Lo! Upon the western skies, clouds flying low
Shed a few drops, soaking the parched land to slush

Kicking up noisy puddles in fatal glee,
Children lost in a wilderness of pain.
Am I seeing them or am I seeing me,
In vague visions, watered by the rain

Then the promise betrayed
As quickly as it was made
The sun came out, with its chariot in tow.
Then went on negating everything undone till now

The rain had died and it was summer again
Parched throats and empty eyes scanned the skies in vain
First there were some and now only too few
So the thirsty poet penned his petition anew.

When there were reports of a generously rounded female admirer of these words

And swaying in regal majesty,
The tusker approached the beautiful behemoth.
Trumpeting, deep and sonorous, putting his best foot forward.
The tusker almost passes by
But gives her the eye
And stops to give her a line
“How you doin’?”

Now there I have blogged...Now you do your part. Comment. Blog in return...Boquets...Brickbats...Bring it right on!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Night | The Poster

Today was a free day. Was feeling terribly homesick in the morning. Browsed for a while. Couldnt concentrate on anything. went over to harish's desk. Poor chap was on a tight deadline, trying to finish the project before his urgent 1 week vacation to india. Anyway, we started designing some part of his project module and ended up with a great poster. Really creative guy!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Lone monkeys first day of the year

Driving range. Bored and irritated me waiting for my chance to try the H. A girl taking nasty long time to understand the H. And just before my chance comes, the gas cylinder runs out. And it seems there is no alternate petrol reserve also. I watch the instructor and some support person, trying to suck out petrol out of the cars rubber tubes using their mouths. They try and try until the battery runs out. The inner me trying to tell the outer me, that things are still not bad, as i could watch the nice looking tiled buildings around. As the last resort we all started pushing the vehicle to a good speed and putting it on gear to start it. We all felt the spirit of the kekexili patrol men as we raced the very heavy maruthi 800 to an explosive speed :) just to hear the thud response. Atlast someone finds out that even when the petrol tank is full, no fuel is coming out of the tank outlet.

I started thinking how good the year is going to be if it started like this. Walking away i see this huge collection of plants on sale. For better luck i bought a nice little plant with big white flower.

Me wandering around like a lone monkey, looking for a polythene cover to hold the plant properly. I found a chinese restaurant instead. The waiter was a tall fellow, with a tight stomach, and very prominent ass, and he had a very sharp nose, the image fitting waiters picturized in old mallu literary magazines. I took the clue, and searched for the total image. The restaurant was a display of my future. Me with a chubby girlfriend on one table. Me with wife and two kids in two other tables(options are pretty wife and two very sweet looking girls with pony tails and ugly wife with a nasty boy and a sweet girl). Me and my wife with my son and his wife at another table(that was a nice picture). Very old me and my very old wife with a sweet grandson in another table(not a very happy picture). I felt my happiness reserves going down in moments, offcourse, when your whole life is flashing in front of you. I wished i had a gadget with which i can take some happiness from a friend. And surprisingly found the exact gadget in my pocket. 5 minutes and happiness back to full. Fried noodles and wanton chicken came in very big bowls. The noodles scalded my hungry tongue. In between i saw the bunch of hot girls(notice the one with big breasts wearing the red top) moving into the picture, but since all the tables were occupied, the bloody waiter ruthlessly expelled them. I couldnt handle it anymore, i stopped eating, packed the leftovers, got an extra cover to pack my flower pot, paid the bill and ran out like the lone monkey.

kekexili - the mountain patrol

The movie is about a group of volunteers protecting the endangered tibetan antelopes on the western high deserts of china. The volunteers are not paid, are ill-equiped and are losing to the poachers when the movie starts. We witness the killing of a lone volunteer by the group of poachers. This news brings a reporter from beijing to the place and the rest of the story is told from his perspective. The group has a strong leader, Retai, who commands the respect of the rest of the group. The other members of the group are mostly village guys who have their simple life someone to love them back in the village. The force that’s binding is the love for the tibetan antelopes and the hatred for the poachers. The most moving moment was the scene where they see the carcasses of the antelopes which were killed by the poachers. We feel the emotions in their mind, as they react to it. Its as if a part of their body is dead and that too because they failed in their duty. Another moving scene shows the exhilaration of the group when they manage to push their truck out of the mud in the river, a task which looked impossible.
They tracks down the group of local people who helped the poachers, and carries on to find the poachers. We slowly witness the grant and peaceful high desert turning into a dangerous third group trying to defeat the volunteers, one part is stranded with a broken jeep with no provisions in the snow, another guy takes a wounded volunteer to the hospital and while coming back with supplies, is sucked in by quicksand. The great Ritai marches on with the reporter fellow and is killed by the poachers.
The movie is based on true incidents and they say that one year after the defeat of the volunteer group the government started steps to protect the antelopes. Also some of the remaining volunteers were charged for selling the confiscated skins which they were doing as a last resort when out of money for patrolling.