Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cat sleeping like a Dog (Pattiye pole)

Notice his rose tongue out!
This fellow was sleeping close to a shawarma(Hot chicken) stall. Bird flu attack?

Camera: k750i. Location: Deira, Dubai

Monday, March 13, 2006

ways to eat a water melon

- make thin slices, and eat them carefully, making sure that the flesh does not touch your face, but just goes inside your mouth, very unromantic.
- make big slices, with wide bottom, bite in, let the flesh touch your cheek, let it caress your upper lips, very sensual.
- take one hemisphere of the water melon as such, and hug it, keep it close to your heart. use a knife which is not very sharp to cut out pieces from it, and slowly eat them, very intimate.

really, to learn such things you should have time with you, like me :) and be a little mad too

drreams holy

neo is dressed like an arabi. we decided to walk the way from airport to neo's house. its arranged like velodrome, with green shrubs in the sides, sand after that and patches of water. we walked and walked until we reached a big entrance, like a fort entrance, with a closed door. neo climbed up along the side and went to the other side through a litle window. the other side was a space between two similar walls which formed the sides of the closed door. i followed neos lead, and reached the inner space. neo scaled the other wall also and i heard the tribal cry out of seeing his land. i fainted inside the small space due to lack of oxygen. neo the tribal chief of his land, with the help of his shingidis(sidekicks) pulls me out using an assortment of ropes. my senses comes back to me.
we were given a warm welcome at neo's house. i took my toothbrush and went for brushing near the pretty pond i saw on the way. the panchayat officer came out of nowhere and dragged me to his office. he asked for my entry permits. he charged me of breaking the lands rules. he asked for bribes. a group of people barged in demanding election id cards. i was roughed up by the group, i saw my papers flying out of my hand into the thick group and then to nowhere. i woke up in despair.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Indian in the west

4:16 AM
I have lost sleep for more than an hour now. It is painful to stay awake when your brain is within a void. I can't think of anything for the past hour. I am running in circles around my own head. They say it could be jetlag or something like that. I think it has more to do with the mind and the body being in different places.

It has been more than 24 hours since I landed here in Middletown, Connecticut. I haven't called anybody since I haven't learnt how to work the phone yet for making international calls.

What a sorry excuse...Went to office today. Did nothing but meet people. Friends and Foes. Walked all around the office which is a modified shopping mall, vaguely reminiscent of Sprencer's Plaza Chennai.

It is cold out here but still above zero (I still think in degree celsius!). The journey here was largely uneventful as was the Immigration and Customs process. The only exciting moment was when I had a Vodka on the Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Chicago. It is a cool drink to say the least. Bitter but unlike beer it gets better if you let it in slow!

I know a lot of alarm bells are going off now at my house (if my sister reads this!) but I had to find out for myself what the big deal was with alcohol. Not much at all. Gives you a warm feeling inside. Thats abour it...