Saturday, June 26, 2004


True love is silent.
Victor Hugo

That makes me a virgin.

Neo's Dream : THE END

Its just around the corner , the end ....
I see all the green lights turn into orange-yellow ...
i can feel it now, the pain of my flesh burning ..
just another 18 days to go , and then its all history,
something for the next generation to ponder upon ..
would they ever know that i existed ?

why is it that i dont remember the past ?
why is it that i dont live in the present ?
why am i so obsessed with the future ?
is it because i dont have one ?

Trinity talked to me yesterday, her voice was trembling,
i have never seen her eyes so beautiful before,
maybe because she was so scared ...

i kissed goodbye to every good memory i had ...
and now its just me and the darkness ..
where i lay await, for something ,
something about which i know not ,
something which i am not supposed to know ....

if i come back, i wouldnt be the one i am now,
and so i dont want to ....
how can you enjoy something when you are immortal ? (troy)

Oracle: "I see the end coming, I see the darkness spreading"

Monday, June 21, 2004


lyrical, languid, listless love.

aimless, amiable angels above.

heavens heave, heavy hopes.

burdens borne, bridges burn.

seraphs settle, silvery sheen.

paradise provoked, pervades pristine.

.....what do they mean? what the fuck do I care?!

The return to darkness

Loved, left.

Sad, bereft.

Hoping against hope,

Buying a hangman's rope.

Borrowed thoughts, battered, used and reused.

Estranged emotions, cerebral abuse.

Random love and consequent lovers.

Fractured realties and love's leftovers.

Burning bright, love alight.

Smouldering carcasses of the night.

Wings aflight, torn in the wind,

Twirling feathers, in the wake of the fall.

Through the void you sense the bereaved kin.

Don't look back, you own the darkness, that's all.

The eternal lover, Darkness unfolds,

Draws you within, mesmerized.

In her lap, sleep for hours untold.

Numbing those nerves, long brutalized.

Lost in thoughts, while adding up noughts.

Settling accounts, while losing count.

21 gun salutes roar overhead, sweetest words remain unsaid.

Friday, June 18, 2004


Scenario: A thickly crowded bus.
Characters: Me(me) and a young female co-passenger(yfc).
Props: Two bananas wrapped in newspaper and tied with a rubber band.
Category: Fiction.

yfc is standing in front of me and we are standing very close due to the rush.

yfc(turns around): do you have two dicks.
me: no, why?
yfc: because i think you are rubbing my ass with them.
me: oh, i am sorry, but they are two bananas. its my break fast you are talking about.
yfc: sorry.
me: why?
yfc: that you have such a terrible break fast.
me: what would you have made me.
yfc: hot doshas and chatni.
me(kneels down): will you marry me.

Thursday, June 17, 2004


pivot: s/w professional, 23yrs, Chennai

situation : about to start smoking or already started,
frame fades from color to black & white throughout the entire stretch of the movie,(3.4 min)

background music: breath to heaving and later death of the smoker,

message : die for something you would die for!

co-stars: all the world watching him

in-between distractions: k's phone ringing, who is a gal with nerve disorder and is turning blind very soon ...


Ram, the last line of your BLOG was B_O~L_D !!! Loved it ! ;-)


Friday, June 11, 2004

pain speaks

hear that noise
of the chains tightening
and those voice of bondage
beckoning you to the trap
why do you complain
as you chose to be trapped

the walls are getting closer
and whats lost is precious
cheer up buddy
perversive mind speak
why do you cry
as you chose these for you

you want to look good
yeah go on and do that smile
you want to help him
and get kicked later
you know its futile
but you wont stop from the try

go on buddy
you are fucked for this life