Friday, January 11, 2013

The ThisThat Gate

I woke up feeling quite low. So I picked up a full bottle of vodka and off I go.
I walk through these unfamiliar streets of a sleepy coastal town.
Taking wild swigs off of the bottle, strangers' eyes wouldn't meet.
It's like they have already classified me a lush, and have beaten a hasty retreat.
I pay no mind as I keep on drinking, though at a distance I see an old flame & her mother get out of a car
Strangely this shames me somehow and I sidestep into what I thought was a bar.
Turns out it is a frat house and the party is at full swing.
I go from room to room, like a fly on the wall
Everyone is happy and seem to be having a ball.
I kept climbing up the stairs. until at the end I was walking down a hall.
At the end there was a balcony overlooking the sea
And a scenic coastline calling out to me.
I am stuck by a perfectly rectangular  opening on the cliffside, opening directly onto the sea
"What is that?", I asked the next guy who walked past me
"Oh, that is The ThisThat Gate.", He said offhandedly.
I was fascinated and obsessed, like a moth to the flame
I had to go there and no excuse felt lame.
I hurried on home and, strangely, felt sober along the way
I saw my maid was doing the dishes as I tried to make sense of my day.
I began packing and also throwing away things, systematically.
When I realized that I really only needed for the trip was just me.
Without another word or worrying about closing up the house behind me, I go
I slip out of the gate in the falling darkness. Something is amiss, but I just don't know
I walked about a mile before it struck me that I was not wearing a shirt and I almost felt embarrassed.
Then I look down and I saw that I was strangely ripped.
Not like a professional bodybuilder but just fit & toned.
I backtracked to my house to find a shirt and found the maid sitting outside crying softly
I asked her why and what went wrong.
She told me that she ran out of water before she was all done and
Didn't know what to make of this misery that upon her was brung.
I told her to go home and not to worry about it.
I told her the keys would be under the mat tomorrow and if I wasn't home, she shouldn't worry about it either.
And then I walked away...

*From a dream I managed to recollect for once in some detail. From the Lost & Found department of my mailbox. And also 1st post of the year, so Happy New Year to the Exodians! Far may your brains wander!


ram said...

Top of the chart stuff. No better pleasure than recollecting such dreams.

neo said...

I am sure this was written quite some time back.

Brilliante :) What do we need to pack for a journey, than ourselves

Was down with fever for the past whole week. Had an interesting dream - a keyboard without any keys and an endless debate without a faceless creature - why is it called a keyboard if there are no keys?

Melanie Jones said...

I literally slipped into a mesmerized state while reading this. It's so amazing how dreams can trigger such phenomenal ideas and theories. My mind is still racing and pondering about a somewhere titled The ThisThat Gate